The Manly Deeds invoke the true spirit of folk music by creating timeless songs for anyone looking for a good melody, a story to relate to, and a reason to get up and dance.  A staple of the Baltimore folk community, The Manly Deeds plays a style of old-timey American roots music shaped as much by the landscapes of their Baltimore, Maryland, home as by the musical traditions they aspire to. The band writes and re-imagines timeless songs that will make you get up and dance whether you’re on a front porch or a busy street corner.

The band makes no claim to have lived all the lives they sing about, from road-weary travelers, bitter and battered sailors, to workers and lovers. Instead, they search out the common themes in our ordinary and extraordinary moments and the uncertain providence they all lead to.

The Manly Deeds are:

Adam Aud – Vocals, Banjo, Guitar, Harmonica
Jason Aud – Mandolin, Vocals, Saw, Spoons
Brad Cardwell – Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Kazoo
Dan Cohan – Suitcase
Jacob Panic – Banjo

Additional Musician: Dave Hadley – pedal steel, dobro, electric guitar

City-cultivated, Appalachian-inspired old-time/folk.
— Michael Byrne, City Paper
A streak of joy and danger heading to the nearest watering hole.
— Andrew Smentkowski, Common Folk Music
From plucky ditties and timeless ballads to thumping mountain hollers.
— Lydia Woolever, Baltimore Magazine


Photographer: Charles Pham

Location: Casper's Loss, Western Maryland