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Light City Baltimore

Baltimore is a city of firsts, and Light City is a powerful tie to our history and future. It was 200 years ago, in 1816, when our city was the first in the United States to suggest illuminating its streets with hydrogen gas lanterns. Three years later, in 1819, the first gaslight in the country was established in Baltimore. This revolutionized the urban landscape and forever transformed cities across the country.

Before and since that time, Baltimore has played an instrumental role in the pursuit of advancing creative thought. Other innovations and Baltimore “firsts” flourished in the years to come—including the world’s first telegraph line established between Baltimore and Washington by Samuel Morse in 1844, the first elevator to be operated by electrical power in 1856 and the first electronic railway locomotive in the world, put in service by the B&O in 1895, to name just a few.

Given that 2016 is the 200th anniversary of the first use of the gas street lantern, Baltimore feels now is the perfect time to celebrate the city’s unwavering dedication to new ideas and the spirit of ingenuity and creativity that has persisted over the decades. The Light City festival will paint Baltimore with light and illuminate the world with ideas from the brightest thinkers. Once a year, light will set the stage to celebrate the brilliance and new thinking that comes from creative collaborations across many disciplines.

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